Accessing custom scripts

I love the scripting in Ardour, I’ve written a bunch of scripts to do all kinds of little helpful tasks for my projects. Unforuntately I can only access 12 of my scripts through the GUI and a maximum of 32 using keyboard shortcuts or the script manager.

This is a great improvement over Ardour 5 but I think it could be improved further.

The limit of 32 scripts seems quite restrictive. I’d like to see a system that doesn’t care about the number of scripts we have, it just scans the scripts folder and builds a menu of scripts from that, with sub-folders becoming sub-menus. This menu would be accessible on the main interface, alongside the existing 12 script buttons.

Any thoughts?

How many keys have you bound to custom actions?
The default Ardour keybindings barely leaves a key unused, I’m having a hard time to find four that can be used without un-assigning others.

That’s WIndow >Scripting. The dropdown there lists all scripts.

I have about 10 keys bound at the moment. Some of my scripts are more appropriate for key binding, while others are best suited for buttons or a menu. I bound all 12 buttons already so I keep having to open the script editor or manager each time I want another action now.

That’s WIndow >Scripting. The dropdown there lists all scripts.

That’s not quite what I was meaning. The scripting window (which can’t be opened with a key binding btw) is quite a large window with a lot of stuff that most users don’t need when they just want to run a script. Also the list of scripts is not easy to navigate when you have a lot of scripts as (unless I’m missing something) there is no way to create sub-folders

This is not quick or easy to find what I’m looking for.

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