AC3 /dolby digital

How can I make AC3 / Dolby Digtal recordings do I need Jamin for that.
Is it also possible to record and save as ogg Vorbis 5.1.

Right now Ardour only exports stereo through the export menu. Technically you could bounce to a track to export multichannel IIRC, but there is no method to encode into AC3 in Ardour, you would need an external program for that but Jamin is not it as it is a stereo mastering program.


Ok thanks perhaps you know which external program to use .

AC3 / Dolby Digital is probably a license question .
I think the solution is to export as ogg if that is possible or stereo wav and use audacity to make ac3.
But for me is ogg perfect.
Jamin I can use for audio mastering of stereo input streams.

Sorry I don’t know of one off hand, hasn’t been something I have had to worry about yet.