AC/DC - Back in Black

Thingamagig = FOSS guitar karaoke (with lights)
No pedals. No amps. No knobs. No presets. No cost. Any guitar.



  1. I use a looper for the first phrase so I can solo over it later.
  2. Yes, I messed up the structure on the bridge. Decent recovery though, right?
  3. New drum lights. Now they are consolidated into one thing (a dimmer with bulbs) instead of 4 pinspots + mounting + pointing + DMX + lots of power cords.
  4. I am really good at singing Angus-style but didn’t want to be too much of a badass. /s /s /s /s /s Hence the improvisational soloing.
  5. The drum track had an issue when I recorded this where the hi-hat and ride (I think) were legatized, so one of the lights essentially stays on constantly. I reduced those note lengths to make the light blinkier and committed the change to github.
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