Absolute vs. relative audio path

Is it possible to save the relative file path to the ardour project instead of absolute?
We use together projects within a cloud and the file paths are different on all the computers which makes it difficult to collaborate.

If you are referring to imported audio files, by default it should be relative so long as you copy the file to the session. Otherwise if the file is not copied to the session is is embedded and absolute at that point.


If you are referring to imported audio files


should be relative so long as you copy the file to the session

Ty, worth a try.

There is no chance to change that behaviour? When someone imports the audio files, it will become more messy with many “songs” in one project.

Terminology is important here.

“Import” means: place a copy of the audio data within the session folder.
“Embed” means: create a reference to the audio file within the session file.

After importing we know where the file is - it is within the session folder is a predefined location.

After embedding, we only know the original location of the file. If we store that relative to the session, and then move the session folder, the reference to the embedded file will break.

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I’ve just hit a relative/absolute path problem too. I don’t want to import my audio into the session folder as I’m manipulating it with other programs outside of Ardour as well as in Ardour itself. However I want to share the project over a network to access from another computer.

A solution I can see is if Ardour uses both the relative and the absolute path, it searches one first and if it doesn’t find the file then it searches the other. If it still can’t find it then it asks the user (as is the current behavior).

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