About setting up my own theme for ardour

Hello good morning for everyone

On this occasion I asked in the forum regarding the visual themes the configuration of ardour colors.

I have created a new theme based on the xcolor theme, with various changes to adapt it to my visual needs with darker colors and certain contrast and transparency changes.

I have modified from the xcolor theme and I have copied the resulting theme and renamed in my case as owl in the file itself on line 2 <Ardor theme-name=“owl” (for example), and I have copied it to the themes directory of ardour.

The problem I find is that for example when I install a new version of ardour, in this case ardour 8.6.0, (the theme is created in version 8.2.0 of ardour), my theme does not load correctly, (sometimes the harlequin effect), and to solve it I have to load one of the default themes that includes ardour (sometimes more than once), so that my “owl” theme loads correctly.

Could this problem be because I have modified the color palette to make certain changes?

Is there a correct rule or procedure to modify an ardour theme and adjust it to my visual needs without them giving me problems when loading the theme to a new version of ardour.

The changes I have made are not on a whim, they are to make it easier for me to use ardour, I am very short-sighted and I don’t see certain things about the interface quite right with the themes that ardour includes by default.

I also ask this because I would eventually want it to be included as another theme available for Ardour, if you like it and are interested.

I’m still doing some tweaking to the theme but before continuing, I would like to resolve those doubts that I have mentioned, and if it is necessary to recreate it in a more appropriate way, if there is a better way than another to modify an ardour theme.

I am using version 8.2.0 of ardour but the bug of the piano roll when clicking the mouse that causes the midi track to shrink, baffles me and bothers me noticeably, so I plan to upgrade to version 8.6.0, gradually when I go finishing the productions that I have pending in 8.2.0.

By the way, I have found a problem between ardour 8.6.0 and decentsampler 1.11.7 that I have already made known to the developer David Hilowitz, we will see how he responds.

Thank you for your attention, greetings.