About Qsound effect?

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I remember more than 20 years ago playing with a “Qsound” function on soundblaster card … I searched for this type of effect to use with ardour but didn’t found plugins purposing it, anybody knows about how to apply “Qsound” effect ?

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If you are using mono files and want to make them more dimensional, you can take that mono file, duplicated it, add a very small delay adjusted to what sounds good(usually under 20millisecondsand above 3 or 5 milliseconds), and pan each channel where you think they sound best.

Reading about Haas effect will be useful.

A google search for spacial plug ins may yield results.

Hopefully this will help you get the sound you want to achieve.

EDIT : Some helpful info on HRTF here:

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We considered to add some delay based panning a while ago, but it just leads to artifacts (e.g. comb filters. see The Ardour Manual - Stereo Panner).

Qsound adds delay and slight filtering between L-R channels to simulate sound direction, mostly useful for FX not music, yet it is just a gimmick compared to 3D panning and HRTF which are available these days.


Thank you very much Schmitty2005 for your detailed answer and links, I will try following your recommendations. :hugs: :+1:

Hi Robin, glad to read you again here ! :hugs:
Thank you for your technical answer, I just want to experiment this effect on voice during a short time in a song. (Remember “Learning to fly” by Pink Floyd ?.. short moment with Qsound, but very efficient. :smile: :clap:)

Wish you great life. :+1: :slight_smile: