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Hello all,

I consider trying to script in lua for linking script(s) to some of my controller (xtouch) button(s).

I would like to know if lua bindings with ardour can get this action done : open/close a plugin UI (fx or instrument, nevermind).

Thanks for your helpful answer.

Cheers / a bientôt !

Control surface support at this time (including the next upcoming 6.0 release) is implemented in C++, not Lua.

I did not interpret the question as being about code to support a particular control surface, but rather whether a control surface button could be mapped to trigger a lua script rather than just trigger an existing GUI control.
It sounds to me (if I did not misinterpret the question) like what the poster would like is to push a button on the control surface, and that triggers a lua script which will open the GUI for a plugin.

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You re right, thanks!

On my behringer x touch there are unused buttons.

What I would like to do is to map fx and instrument buttons to lua scripts.

One would look in the selected strip if there is fx plugins and if so open their ui, if no fx found then exit

The same for instrument with the instrument button

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