Ableton Push 2 with Ardour Feedback?

Hi everyone.

I aim to buy the Ableton Push 2 controller board.
I want to use it with Ardour. I make this decision because I want a good sampler and controller Well integrated in Linux. And I saw in Ardour manual that Push 2 is integrated as controller, just without the clip mode (the controller has about 4 modes).

Knowing that this controller is a little expensive, I want to know if some Ardour users already have the controller and what is their user experience by using it with Ardour, knowing that the controller is initially designed for Ableton. Are the modes/scenes supposed to be supported by Ardour, well usable in practice with the software?

I think that the controller can be a good choice knowing that it is USB class compliant, so that, I can eventually use it as midi controller on other software as LMMS, hydrogen or Qtractor. But if the device is not well integrated with Ardour, I’ll opt with a less expensive controller like some in the Akai MPD series.

It’s also said in the manual that the clip mode may be taken in consideration in future developments. This is question for Ardour developers ; is there any evolution on this point?

The last question! Even if I don’t have a Push 2 device, I tried to check the Push 2 checkbox in Ardour configuration to see how its dialog box config presents, but nothing happens and the checkbox remains unchecked. It’s also the case in another computer. Both computer are Linux. Is this behaviour normal? Perhaps the presence of a connected Push 2 device is necessary to have the box checked.

Thanks all for your answers.