Ableton Push 2 and the cue page

I just bought an Ableton Push 2 to be able to control the cue page when performing live, pretty much doing what Paul is showing in this old video: Work In Progress: first demo of clip launching in Ardour - YouTube

And while I’ve got my Push up and running (in Linux), and while I’m able to both mix with it and play with it, I cannot figure out how to use it on the cue page. I’m not able to trigger anything there (just move the fader knob up and down).

While searching for solutions, I even found the release notes for Ardour 7 saying that “In this release, only Ableton’s Push 2 surface can be used as a controller to control cues”.
So everything tells me I should be able to. But I cannot figure out how.

Note that I’m running Mixbus 32C v9, so there could be something with the difference between Ardour and Mixbus, but well. . . I’d be surprised.

Does someone know how to make it work?

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And just there I managed to figure it out!
Session button. :star_struck:

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Good job!

It’s been a while since I tested it. My goal was to get to 100% of Live’s Session View implementation, but I think that so far it’s maybe 75%.

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I think you’ve done an excellent job!
While i haven’t tried it with Ableton Live, I was in fact happily surprised by how well mapped it is in Ardour/Mixbus. How useful it is.

One thing I haven’t figured out is whether it’s possible to make reassignements (and if it is: how to do so).
I’m used to the General Midi option, where you just Ctrl+middle click, and can assign/reassign a knob on the fly.
The Push 2 mapping, on the other hand, seems a bit more fixed. And in a live setting I don’t really need Pan Width that often, it’d be more handy to assign a lowpass filter or the Wet knob of a delay.

But I’m still trying to figure everything out, so maybe I’ll have another eureka soon (or simply accept what’s possible and what’s not).

Just as with Mackie Control Protocol, there’s no reassignment possible. The Push 2 has a fairly solid mapping that comes from Live, so wherever possible we follow that.

You can navigate to the lowpass filter controls, but you can’t dynamically map it (similar to Live AFAIK)

Thanks for explaining!
And for mapping it so well.
It really takes the cue page up to a new level. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

It’s a bit sad that the Launchpad Pro Mk3 integration and the cue-note-editor that was mentioned in a video a while ago haven’t been implemented yet. I hope, they haven’t been forgotten :slight_smile:

They are not forgotten.

Been extremely busy with some other really difficult to implement stuff still dangling from the changes to the tempo map.


Good to know about the plans for Launchpad Pro mk3… I had a Push 2 at first but could not get my computer and that to work even with a lot of help from Ableton, so I sold the Push and bought a Launchpad Pro mk3 instead and it worked fine for me. I think the pads are even better on the Launchpad… just miss the display from Push.

One feature I cannot figure out whether/how I can do with the Push 2, is to change the pitchweel fader strip to become modwheel instead.

In Live you can do this by pressing select+drag the fader (I found out on youtube).
In Btiwig’s DrivenByMoss implementation I do it by pressing shift+drag the fader.
But I can’t find a way in Mixbus/Ardour. Is it in there somewhere?

Not currently, but I can probably do that for 7.4, out soon.


Just finished the change to the push2. Holding shift while using the touch strip now sends modulation. It will be in 7.4 out in a few days. If you’re a subscriber, you can try out a nightly in about 12 hours.

Had to do a deep dive into very low level ardour code because when I started work on this relatively simple change, it turned out that we had broken Push2 and many other surfaces fairly badly. Anyway, should be OK now.


Wow, thank you so much!
The service really is great at this place. :wink:

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