Ability to select more than one item in the plugin manager

I apologize if this is already possible.
I was wondering if anyone else would find it useful to be able to select more than one item in the plugin manager. For example this could allow users to select multiple plugins and hide them all at once instead of having to click each box seperately.
Could allow for standard modifier keys (Ctrl / Shift) combined with either keyboard arrows or mouse clicks to select multiple files, similar to how file managers select folders/files.
Can maybe also allow for a select all (Ctrl + A) if possible, this way can narrow down a maker using the filter and then select all to hide, ignore, favorites, etc.

Hopefully this is helpful
Thank You

Considering you can add multiple at once by just double clicking on each and selecting insert, which is a bit more powerful at first glance to me, what is the benefit do you see? I am not really against it for consistency mind you, just not sure i see the benefit to the work.

Select X number of plugins and change tag of them at once (in plugin manger or plugin selector)
Instead building tag manager or anything else
I hope it will be noticed by Ardour Team

Ok that I can see the usefulness of (Modifying tags etc.).


Thank you for agreeing and your vote

Thank you for not agreeing and then agreeing :slight_smile:

In general though, no one sees a need to be able to apply the same settings to mulitple items at once? Like if you have a ton of plugins that show up that maybe you want to hide in the plugin manager so they don’t show up in your plugin picker?
For example there are certain plugin bundles that come with many plugins you might not want to see all the time, can just filter by makers name and then select many of them and hide them all at once for example. drdie’s example was also good as well.

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