AAtranslator conversion service ?


I’ve received a bunch of ProTools sessions from a friend last night (on harddisk) and I’d like to get this stuff into Ardour.
Since this is a single time event, buying AAtranslator would end up in a pretty high “price per conversion”.
Ideally, a pay per use model would fit, but it’s not offered (to my knowledge).

Therefore, I’m looking for a conversions service “ProTools -> Ardour”.
Does anybody know about such an offering ?

I’m not familiar with AAtranslator. Does the conversion process require access to all audio files
(e.g. for format conversion) or can it process the ptf files “standalone”. I’m asking, because ptf files could be
handled and transfered “online” pretty easily, but the audio stuff …

Any help is appreciated,

We understand that for many converting from one DAW to another is a one off situation and have no need to spend $59 or $159 on software they may never need again.
So strangely enough we do offer that service but at the same time I am keen not to take advantage of a service which could end up over time costing more than the licence in the first place.
So this is what we offer.

  1. Send us your sessions that you want converted (generally audio is not required for most formats).
  2. We will convert to the format you want.
  3. You then make a donation (via the PayPal donation button on the AATranslator web site)
  4. You get to decide what the service is worth to you (the things most people take into consideration are things like time/effort saved what you stand to make out of the job, whatever…)
  5. In return if you use the service to the extent that you end up donating either $59 or $159 then we will give you the relevant licence.
    Only catch is you have to prompt us for the licence as we won’t actively monitor your donation levels.

That is as fair as we believe we can make it.

I can’t always monitor the forums so if in a hurry it is always best to contact me via AATranslator web site

wow, that is a fair offer!!!