Aamunkoi & Sininen

Hi, here are a couple of new songs, 100% made with Linux:


Feedback & advise are much appreciated.

I’m trying to finish my first album soon…


Hi Tapani,

Very beautiful music indeed. Lots of success with your new album. I would love to know type of plugins you used for the recording. Sounds super professional. Good luck!

Hans & Luciana

Thank you all! :slight_smile:

This screenshot shows the plugins used in Aamunkoi:

I realize that I’m basically stuck with just few favourite plugins:

  • LEET 8-band EQ
  • CAPS Plate reverb
  • TAP Dynamics (compressor)

Generally, I tend to use too much reverb, but this time I really wanted to add a little amount of plate reverb to the master channel in order to get slightly more “space” to the overall sound.

In some other songs I’ve been using also Zynreverb (HOLAP) and Fons’ plate reverb.

Some links:
http://code.google.com/p/leetplugins (LEET)
http://www.64studio.com/node/892 (LEET howto, 64Studio)
http://holap.berlios.de (HOLAP)
http://www.64studio.com/node/895 (HOLAP howto, 64Studio)

Hi Tapani,

Excellent work, impressive mix and performances. Sounds very sweet through my new Sony headphones (MDR-7506). Thanks for sharing. :slight_smile:



Hello Tapani,

to my mind this is indeed very very good stuff!

The voice stands above the instruments, the effects are used tastefully, the synth sounds add depth.

The balance of the mix is well done - the hihats are crisp, the bass is distinct and I like to hear the slides.

Congratulations and much success with your new album!


Thanks a lot Michael!

Nice to know that these mixes sound somehow sensible there. I mixed them with home stereos and a pair of broken (slightly distorting) speakers.

I LOVE the MDR-7506’s!