AA Translator will soon support Ardour import (and export functions in a little while longer)

Hey all! Just letting you guys know that I have been aiding the AA translator team in testing their Ardour import functions, and it works surprisingly well! I have been able to convert Ardour sessions to OpenTL (for Apple’s Logic 8 and 9), as well as generate Pro Tools session files from Ardour sessions! So far tracks (correctly named), automation, clip envelopes, clip positions, cross fades, and other function are working great. We are still working on getting panning and gain to transfer over, but I expect it shouldn’t take long. I haven’t yet tested panning and volume automation yet, but I’ll be testing that fairly soon.

I realize this app is Windowz only, but it is a solution to cross session compatibility none the less. I’m not saying we should stop developing OMF/AAF import functions, but we will soon have other options to choose from (at least while other native import and export options are being developed). I’ll try to keep you guys up to date on how the imports keep improving, and eventually how well export function are working.


Still a lot of hard work but I expect progressive updates will be how we approach it.

@tbonedude: Thanks will do.

Current status:-
Have ‘developed an understanding’ of the method used to write PT session files (ie I can read all PT session files PC and Mac)
Concentrating firstly on v7 sessions and will expand to v8 soon - internals are a bit different.
Can convert the following from a PT v7 session and write to all formats currently supported by AAT :-
Tracks, clips/regions, fades, bpm, session offset, sample rate, bit depth & frame rate (and probably more)
Once things are a little more stable I will work on markers & track automation

The PT session file is a gold mine of info compared to the crumbs offered by omf or AAF

Trying to get our next version (3.4) of AAT out the door - it has lots more PT5 detail, some fixes, CMX3600 support and a new user validation/registration component.

So much to do and so little time to do it in.

let me know when you need to test PT to ardour and back. I have PT 8 and a digi 002 to test with at my college, so I can still perform tests and provide feedback!

Just a quick update regarding PT

We have now worked out how to ‘read’ all PT session files including versions 5.1 to 8.04 and we are currently writing conversion code to all the formats we currently support including Ardour.

So stay tuned

Now that is interesting to say the least, congrats on that.


Which version of pro-tools did you test with?

I would hope if your testing new functions between Pro Tools and Ardour that you would be testing with Pro Tools 8.

All I have access to right now is Pro tools 7LE, as that’s what my school’s project studio is running. It should work just fine, as AATranslator generates a Protools 5 session file, which you can import into a new session in PT 7 or 8.

Just for those who are more used to an open format and don’t realise that the clever folk at PT started encrypting your PT sessions after version 5 - probably in an attempt to protect you from your self I guess;-)

Once that encryption was cracked by ProConvert those crazy Digi guys then used a more difficult encryption algorithm commencing with version 8 - I guess trying to protect you and them from ProConvert ;-).

Full marks to those over at ProConvert they cracked that encryption and I guess this giddy protection racket will continue ad infinitum.

Either way if you want access to your PT session using another daw then you need to be forking out big bucks for Digitranslator or ProConvert. Sure you can bounce each track down and drag your wav files into another daw but then you lose all your fades, envelopes, etc, etc.

As PT5 was the last unencrypted version and carries all the important data (more than omf) to and from any version of PT 5 or later you can easily see why we are using PT5 session files.