A3: Disable plugins when recording

In A2 there was a “Performance” menu under which one could select the option to disable plugins while recording. I can’t find something similar in A3… am I missing it or is there no such option any more? Any alternatives?


In A3 you can disable a plugin by clicking on the ‘led’ of the plugin. If it’s working there a green led, if you click on it, it will turn red and disabled.

The option was removed. It will not be bought back. There will soon be a method to toggle the state of all plugins.

I’ve found that option (disable plugins while recording) useful many times, and suspect that a method to toggle all plugin states would be useful to me in the future.

I see, thanks. paul, I agree with Dan, having a single “disable all plugins” switch would be great. May I ask why it was removed? It seemed like a really useful feature!

@cajmere: may be I’m lazy, but it feels like such a drag to have to turn off everything individually! It can be quite a task once you have a bunch of plugins (reverb, eq, delay, compression) to turn off, then turn on everything for each take, particularly when finishing something up and you want to just add one more background guitar. At least I’m using busses to send effects to… mostly.

Actually, more than a performance thing on the computer side, I’m more interested in turning off plugins since they can be distracting when adding something to the mix, particularly delay and reverb.


Going off memory here, so don’t take it as set in stone… the end result is that with a single clik you will still be able to disable all plugins I believe, just that it won’t be limited to either single plugins or all plugins, but rather I believe the goal is to allow much more flexibility for many things, like disabling all plugins on a track with a single click, or across a session, etc. This in particular would come into play with operations like Bounce and particularly Freeze.


Is a feature like the one mentioned - easily disabling all plug-ins or a set of plug-ins - available in the mean time on Ardour 4.4? It would really be useful when working on a computer with limited processing power and when it is necessary to have low latency in JACK.

It should, though, not simply disable and enable all plug-ins, but go back to the initial state after disabling them.

Hi, this seems like a good idea.
Am new to this, so here comes the million dollar question,
how does one run this script, I copied the code from the link
you provided, but have no idea what to do with it.

I would however like to try recording with no plug ins, so less chance of Xruns.

Hello everyone!

Lately, I found myself missing this feature in A5 as well.

Background: in our rehearsal room, we lack proper CPU capacities and hence need to disable all plugins when wishing to record without heaps of xruns.

I created a small LUA script¹ that bypasses all plugins when record-enabling the session.
When record-disabling the session, it un-bypasses all (!) plugins (yes, disregarding their previous bypass-state).

We do not need a “proper” toggle for now (i.e., remembering the previous bypass-state), that’s why it is not implemented. However, if someone is willing to contribute this functionality, feel very free to do so!



¹ https://github.com/lpirl/ardour-scripts/blob/master/bypass_plugins_when_recording.lua