A3 Control Surface Roland SI-24

I am trying to get this working to the best of my ability, The only thing functioning is the faders. I verified the STATUS and CH SELECT buttons are sending the correct notes in comparison to the binding map but they do not work. if I click on the solo and mute buttons with the mouse they flash on and then off quickly. maybe I have something configured wrong? getting this thing working correctly would really help with my transition to ardour.

Thanks in advance

@ricochet: file a bug report at http://tracker.ardour.org/ and attach the new file.

Figured it out, the midi map is incorrect. it has note #'s instead of ctl #'s, I will fix this up. once I have it working properly, should I post it somewhere for anyone else who needs it and for incorporating it with the next release?

I figured out the solo and mute problem with the mouse, they still do not work with the control surface though