A3 - Assign controls manually, Then generate .map file from them

To the Ardour genies,

In A3 It would be nice if you could Assign controls manually, then generate a .map file from them so the assignments would persisit next time back.


feature requests really belong at http://tracker.ardour.org/

Oh - my mistake! You’re right, why would I want to post my Idea for Ardour in a forum called “Ideas for Ardour”?

Wait, I get it… Is like the new-guy hazing or something?

@zionhill: not trying to haze anyone :slight_smile: I wish there was a more subtle way to make my feelings about web forums known, really. The fact that I’m suggesting you file it is actually a compliment, believe it or not. I’d be happy enough to completely remove the “Ideas for Ardour” section, but it seems that people seem to expect it to be here. You’re not making a mistake - please continue to come with good ideas and to uncover (and report) bugs. Really :slight_smile: