A3 and OS X

I seem to be too dense to successfully research which issues have been reported to Mantis for A3 on OS X. I love this software, but A3 is essentially unusable for me on 10.7. Is somebody providing useful feedback for OS X?

@kelleydv: please don’t use the forums to discuss a3. We need LOTS more testing on OS X, and the results should appear in the bug tracker and optionally be discussed on IRC or the ardour-dev mailing lists.

But violating that rule, what is “essentially unusable” ? Do you have crashes? Recipes? Did you file bug reports?

@kelleydv: very little feedback to date. Most testing has been by about 3 people (one of them being me)

Good testing is desperately needed on OS X, I am just starting in on it myself but haven’t had time to report any issues yet due to my work getting in the way in a major way(6mo. timeframe for a project was changed to 1.5 mo.)

I can tell you I get much farther than you on 10.7 here.


Ok. I’m jumping through a giant hoop for Sacramento this week to become a science teacher. As soon as that’s done I’m gonna do some DAWing! I’ll start putting stuff in Mantis, and do let me know how to improve the reports if needed.

I know you don’t want A3 discussed here, which is why I tried to cast the question a certain way.

If I can get past the splash screen, which rarely happens and I don’t recall what can be done to make it happen, I have a lot of crashes. The strange thing however is that it occasionally loads just fine, and I haven’t nailed down how to reproduce that.

If nobody is actively reporting on OS X stuff, I will take some time next week to make error reports. I’ve tried IRC a number of times, but nobody responded.

So, are you getting feedback for OS X already?

When you need some help to test A3 on Mac OS X ( 10.6.8 on my side), I’ll be happy to do some tests for you.
I need some instructions to do this, because I’m not very skilled in computers, but I’m volunteer to bring what I can to the project.

@agivagan: it is ready to be tested right now. Testing means using it the way you use Ardour, and reporting issues to Mantis (http://tracker.ardour.org).

Yes, happy to be in the right way already. I’ll continue like I do.