A10, time to share

A10 is a motorway in France, driving from south-west to the center of the world which Paris is💁.
Thanks to Ardour, it took somehow an hour to make it.
I then, came to Mixbus and have the feeling that I over compressed, trying to make this sort of tune sound like an ACDC cover.
I am sorry.
Maybe next time, I will stay under Ardour and won’t compress at all.
Savarez, french brand of strings, was enough keen to send me some sets of strings to try them.
I was clutched on D’Addario’s but I think I will make the switch.
As usual, it is a « one take » stuff.
Not the first one but the second, if I put away the takes which are going out before the first bar , but I think, lots of musicians who are « self recording » are aware of this pitfall.
Anyway, thanks to Ardour being so reliable, and thanks to everyone who will give an ear… or not!


sounds lovely if you ask me! It was a nice listening!

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Joli morceau, merci du partage.

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Thanks a lot for listening and for your cool comment.

Merci beaucoup.

Maybe the compression: I started listening on crap computer speakers, then switched to fairly hi-fi headphones. Sounded less crap than expected on the speakers, and less dynamic than I would like on the headphones.

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thank you for listening and for your feedback.
Yes, it feels as if the sound was « squashed ».
Next time, I will have a light hand with compression, wondering if this kind of tune requires any?