a way to specify the session you want to open from the cli?

when i run the following:
ardour2 20101003

ardour starts up with that date filled out in a new session text field. what would be cool is if i could specify the session as an argument and have ardour start up with that session opened already. is this possible? or maybe already implemented in ardour3? i tried building it from svn, but got dependency errors i couldnt solve…

This is the output of “ardour2 --help”

Usage: ardour-2.8.11
-v, --version Show version information
-h, --help Print this message
-b, --bindings Print all possible keyboard binding names
-c, --name name Use a specific jack client name, default is ardour
-d, --disable-plugins Disable all plugins in an existing session
-n, --show-splash Show splash screen
-m, --menus file Use “file” for menus
-N, --new session-name Create a new session from the command line
-O, --no-hw-optimizations Disable h/w specific optimizations
-S, --sync Draw the gui synchronously
[session-name] Name of session to load
-C, --curvetest filename Curve algorithm debugger
-k, --keybindings filename Name of key bindings to load (default is ~/.ardour2/ardour.bindings)
-a, --ardourino Fit on screens with 800x600 resolution

so I assume you just specify the name of the session and it should load? Make sure you’re in the same directory as the session file.

right, i had seen the help, but my problem was the name of the session wasn’t the full path so it was assuming i wanted to create a new session. so now it works when i give the full path to the session! thanks christophski =)