A way to auto-stop the playhead at defined point?

Hi; Jean-Philippe from Switzerland here.

Mixing stuff for a performance, was thinking of using Ardour as my multitrack playback device as well - Question: is there a way to auto-stop the playhead at defined point, so I would only have to hit the spacebar when needed to start playing the following one, fire’n’forget style, and can focus on the mixboard instead of the computer?

(No external Midi hardware available, I have access to both Mac and Linux versions, if that makes a difference).

It’s for theatre, something where I’ve got tons of sounds flying around 12 loudspeakers on-cue. Easy with Ardour+external card, but I need my hands to be free to work the FOH console with the wireless mikes on stage. There is no live input/processing, it’s strictly playback of HD material.

Workin’ on www.lepoche.ch/index2.php?spectaclesID=29&saisonID=4 if anyone is around (and speaks French), you’re welcome.

Thanks for your input.
Cheers form my snowy mountains.

the first thing which comes to my mind is to create ranges for the parts you want to play.

what you have to do than is to right click either the start or the end marker of a range and choose the first option in the sub menu ‘play range’.

not sure if this really fits your needs, but you could try it out and see.


Thanks - I was aware of that “play range” thing - it’s much too finicky to do in the middle of the heat;

The straight-est workaround so far is to create some empty region in a 1rst track that covers the entire length of the desired piece that sits on the actual tracks, click on it to select and hit ‘H’ instead of spacebar - and prepare your whole show this way.

Still means grabbing a mouse, click the appropriate region to select it, and then only hit the button.

Anyone else?

Just to put it here as well, this was asked on IRC, and my strong suggestion is to use an actual theatrical playback software for this purpose and not Ardour. The gold standards are QLab on the Mac and SFX on Windows. I don’t know of a good one for linux, though I did read of some work being done on a small one years back, I never heard of it coming to fruition.