A Violent Whisper

Hey guys,

Here are few recordings of my one-man-band A Violent Whisper:

(sorry for the poor quality, hurray to MySpace!)

The softwares used are:

  • Ardour (obviously)
  • Hydrogen for the drums (I’m a drummer too, but here I’m actually using patterns)
  • AlsaModularSynth for the synthesizer
  • LinuxSampler for the bass guitar
  • Seq24
  • Lots of LADSPA plugins

The rest is recorded (i.e. the guitars and the vocals).

Hope you like it!


I’m impressed by the quality of the sounds and the mix, I didn’t think Hydrogen could sound so good, what drumkit are you using? Also the synths sound very good!

I really like it! I will buy the album when it’s out :slight_smile:

I made the drumkit myself using tons of layered sampled gathered all accross the web… To make the whole thing easier, I created a script that reads the sample settings from a config file and recreate the Hydrogen Drumkit XML. Basically, I just have to change one sample name it my config file, and it goes and looks for the different layers, order them and create the Drumkit XML File… Handy to test different samples in a fast way…

Another trick that I get from being an actual drummer is to have a lot of variations of the sample pattern, that makes the song sounds more human-like as a real drummer almost never plays twice the same pattern (changing cymbals, adding a little break and so on)…

Finally used the Multi output track option of Hydrogen to record each instrument on a unique track in Ardour and spent a lot of hours to set up reverb, compressor, eq and so on…