A video promoting the use of open-source software for music production


Hi! I know it’s hard to find a place for this kind of stuff here, though I think promoting software like Ardour is also a very important thing to do. I’ve been working on this video for three weeks. I hope it can help spread the word about FLOSS for music production and sound design.

I hope this video is good enough to make you guys want to share it far and wide :slight_smile:

Long live Ardour!

(Saam R Sany) #2

This is really great. Is the video mostly made with kdenlive? I’ve been trying to get more into video creation and editing and OpenShot seems to be the most intuitive but it slams my computer’s resources.


Thanks! Yes, the video was edited with Kdenlive. In the description there’s a list of all used software (except one open-source synthesizer that’s not yet publicly announced).

(Robin Gareus) #4

The Image-line quote about Skill is spot on and nicely phrased! Thanks for pointing that out.

[there is no] substitute for talent & hard work. […] The ‘performance’ transcends the medium every time.
(from https://www.image-line.com/support/flstudio_online_manual/html/app_audio.htm)


Thank you! I’ve stumbled upon that randomly a few months ago and I thought it’s perfect for this video.
I would personally word it a bit differently, but I had to quote it verbatim.