A video in which I learn flexible tempo maps and varispeed

I’d love feedback on anything I say or do that is wrong or could be better - please be kind though.


This is awesome stuff, nice work! :slight_smile:

I would never have thought that the same voice could produce such a human timbre in a choir. Just great!

Many thanks. I realise I should have put ‘polite’ rather than ‘kind’ in the original post because that made it sound like I was only looking for positive comments and that’s not the case I’m looking for constructive criticism.


is the result for those interested.


You kept saying “I’m not sure this is worth it” but the end result sounds definitely like it was worth it to me.

Plus I assume you learnt some new techniques which you can apply (or not) in the future.



Yes I learnt a lot which was the main reason. I suppose what I meant was - I wasn’t sure I got the timing anymore accurate for having spent the time to go through and tempo map it. Thanks for the lovely comments.

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Pretty sure “not so tight” timing is one of reasons the end result sounds very musical. It just fits this kind of song just right. Excellent work!

And Ardour ability to handle such cases is quite impressive too.

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Yes don’t get me wrong I wasn’t aiming for metronomic I was looking for tight in the way that a choir can be. Also yes to ardour’s tempo mapping. I confess to never really having used another daw so maybe others can do it too but I must say I think it’s an absolutely incredible feature. I mean you could always go through and edit in new tempos and time signatures but the way it works now feels actually musical.