A very frustrating bug ...

I’ve seen that already is reported in Mantis.

Excuse my impatience, but in my opinion this bug is the worst.

The bug is: when you work with regions and move, copy, cut, …(heavy editing) sometimes Ardour crash randomly like a segfault. The Process is destroyed and you must restart Ardour.

I’ve been recording some songs with Ardour for test it in a professional environment (I’m considering Ardour for my studio). Everything is perfect except the bug described here.

I just wanted to ask if the bug is known, if anyone else has experienced …
Some information about this bug?

Thanks for your great work

Paul responded in Mantis requesting a check on the most recent version, but also what would be VERY helpful is finding a way to reliably reproduce the bug. Intermittent problems are extremely tough to troubleshot, especially as they may not happen on everyone’s machines.

And to answer your question, if the bug is in Mantis it is known about. If the report is made here there is no guarantee it will be known about.