A/V Linux 1.0-r1 Released w/Ardour 2.7.1 + many more latest Linux Audio Apps


For those looking to try latest Ardour and more Linux Audio Apps in a ready to use distro.

Full info and Download here:


Ardour 2.7.1 w/FREESOUND, LV2 and FFT_Analysis
JACK 0.116.1
Rosegarden 1.73
Linux Multimedia Studio (LMMS) 0.4.2
Hydrogen 0.9.4SVN
DSSI 1.0, DSSI-VST 0.8, DSSI Fluidsynth 1.0
FreeBob and FFADO
LV2Core 3.0, SLV2 0.6.2 + Calf plugin Pack
ZynJacku, ZynAddSubFX *Note JACK must be running to use ZynAddSubFX
Bristol Synths 0.30.4 (Suggested by Philip8888…Thanks)
QjackCtl, QSynth
Freewheeling 0.6 and Sooperlooper 1.6.13

All development libraries are included to build ALL of the above apps plus MusE 0.9CVS which wasn’t included due to it’s size.

If possible (depending on what development libs are required) Ardour 3 packages will be provided when it is released.

This will be the last version based on Ubuntu Gutsy although pretty much every app is the very latest, development will now begin on A/V Linux 2.0 to be released in a few months based on Debian Lenny.

Thanks for the many encouraging Forum posts and E-Mails following A/V Linux 1.0


Thanks peder,

I’ll include your hack into the next version if that’s OK.

Regarding Jamin I did get to the CVS page but for some reason last week was getting Authorization Errors, I’ll try it again though.



Please do that. The only drawback is that on my PC at least the Xdialog was a bit slow to start, but I guess it’ll have to do for now (until someone with GTK-hacking skills whips up something faster).

Just holler if you need a tarball of the CVS, you got my mail address.

peder thanks for this startup script.

Can you explain where I would install it and how I could use it to try it out.



  • Make sure you have Xdialog installed.
  • Save it to your desktop
  • Make sure it's executable by rightclicking on it and setting the permissions to 755 (or rwxr-xr-x)
  • Doubleclick to start it

And you might need to change the “10 30” values to, say, “10 35” to see all text.

That is sweet.

Thank you very much.


How would I add the sample rate -48000 or -jack or the priority setting?

Is there a way to add these veriables to the sript so when it opens the synth or whatever they are applied?




Here’s a Jamin Package for A/V Linux 1.0r1, It is a Checkinstall package so it may or may not work with other Debian based systems.

Thanks to peder for the source code,




Thanks! Thanks for steppin’ out to try it and your input!


My original plan was to offer a Ready to Go Ardour setup for fairly current 2 Core and older P4 (and equivalent) machines, also VST support was high on my list to provide so until recently a 32bit base was required for that. The good news is that FST and DSSI-VST will run 32bit VST’s in a 64bit environment now, but I really can’t make any promises yet, if there is enough interest in the project in general I may offer both Architectures in the next Debian-based version but not in this current Ubuntu based version.


Thanks for taking the time to check it out, Unfortunately I am still a Linux newb in many ways (about a year and a half) so until I learn to package in proper Debian style I will not be very useful to the “Linux Studio” heavyweights…

It’s funny…it’s almost easier to produce your own Distro ISO than it is to maintain a Package Repository. However I will work as hard as I need to if there is sufficient need and interest in this concept.

At the very least I think A/V Linux could be a good stopgap introduction to Linux Audio while Studio 64 and MusiX etc. get their heads wrapped around Debian Lenny and bring out a improved and more current Package and Hardware supporting selection.


Jamin is NOT included because I was unable after numerous tries to get a hold of a CVS build to build from source. Ubuntu and Ematech versions will not work because they and their dependencies in the Ubuntu repos are too far outdated. If you are able to get Jamin CVS to download the requires libs are there to build it from source.

The Bristol synths are pretty fresh OOTB, I have included a launcher in the Recording Suite that will launch them with the “-jack” switch which defaults to the Hammond B3, If you want to use the numerous other Synth Models check out the Bristol Home Page which is included in the A/V Linux Firefox Bookmarks for launch commands from the command line. This is a VERY impressive bit of Linux Software, I’m sure as it goes the Launching Interface will become more user-friendly, so for now RTFM!(LOL)

Thanks, -GLEN

I whipped up a little starting hack for Bristol to enable you to choose which synth to start. It requires XDialog (which you can install into A/V through Synaptics on the Application menu) and is available here: http://www2.park.se/~peder/files/Bristol

As for Jack CVS, Glen, the No Script feature you have in Firefox prevents Sourceforge from displaying the “More” tab where the CVS link lies.
If you go to http://sourceforge.net/projects/jamin and in No Script click “Temporarily allow…” you’ll see the “More” tab. Click that and under “Code” you’ll have CVS.
Anyways, the lines to run are

cvs -d:pserver:anonymous@jamin.cvs.sourceforge.net:/cvsroot/jamin login
cvs -z3 -d:pserver:anonymous@jamin.cvs.sourceforge.net:/cvsroot/jamin co -P jamin

Many thanks Glen.

Appreciate the attention to detal in your iso.

A/V is diffently catered to the musician who wants to make music…not develope.

What a concept…Install and CREATE!

Great job!


any chance that this will be available in 64bit?

This looks very promising! I’ll check it out tonight and report my results. You seem very in-touch with the needs of a professional Linux audio user… Have you considered contributing your work back to the various debian-based studio distros? I’m sure they’d love the help.

I added this to the script and now it works with jack and the sample rate is correct to my settings.

startBristol -$choice -jack -48000 -count 128