A song requested

By mister Robin ,
Written by Serge Gainsbourg,it is called " La Chanson De Prévert"
It required a little bit more than one bottle of red wine :slight_smile:
Thank you for listening.


Wow, Thanks! I like your voice on that performance a lot. It captures it the mood of the song very well.

A creative cover of the original as well. Very lively, well perhaps it’s because it’s the wrong season :slight_smile: Nice production, too.

Hi Robin ,
Thanks for listening and even more thanks to have put the idea of this beautiful song in my mind , you know ,it’s a little bit like someone living in Chamonix and a guy comes and says : " well the Mont -Blanc is a nice mountain…) it is obvious but sometimes you just don’t see it …
By the way I redid the mix trying to make it a little bit clearer…
Thanks a lot and all the best.