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It’s much easier to complain when you’re annoyed than to thank when you’re content so I want to take a minute to sincerely thank @paul @x42 and all other developers involved with the recent work in nightly development on the velocity lollipops, it’s been a long wait but to now work with MIDI comfortably in Ardour in a similar way to what my experience was in other products (habits learned in one’s youth die hard…). Like other things in Ardour they have the genius touch and well thought-out features and although I’m sure it doesn’t matter to anyone else but me I’m actually thrilled to now be able to not only work on projects in their totality under one roof but also to greatly simplify archiving and preserving projects contained to one program. I don’t know really why I feel so compelled to write this but it’s a big moment here at Bandshed Records anyway…lol

Thanks so much from a happy camper!


Hear, hear! I see so many conversations with people saying that Ardour’s midi support isn’t up to par, but the last few years of development keeps chipping away at that argument. I don’t feel the need to use a different midi sequencer.


Ardor is completely comparable to any commercial software today. It’s incredibly great that it’s always being developed for the better.

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@GMaq, excuse me, would you release a final MXDE-EFL Build, soon?

Hi, thanks for asking… :slightly_smiling_face:

Yes and no, AV Linux and MXDE-EFL are being merged into one thing so changing both the Debian platform (bullseye–>bookworm) and the Desktop Environment (XFCE4–>Enlightenment) and being dragged kicking and screaming from something that ‘just worked’ to something that is still not finished (JACK/Pulse/pajackconnect–>PipeWire) all requires a lot of spare time, testing, changes to the build system and worst of all…documentation… Don’t get me started on QT6, GTK4, Flatpak, Snap or pretty much any other current Linux direction… :upside_down_face:

My daily work schedule is very weather-dependent so as Autumn approaches with more bad weather I will get more time to work on it but it will be at least a couple of months to even get to beta ISO’s

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Great! I really appreciate your work and approach. You can count on me in order to translate docs to Portuguese and Spanish or whatever you need (that I can do). Cheers!

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