A simple idea

Is it possible to get a step by step instruction manual in order to make easier to install and use Ardour Software???

The goal is not only get the knowledge but, knowing that Ardour is free, the way I think is the best to make money with it, is:

Selling the course. Not the software… Even when the users manual is published on line, most of people needs somebody who teaches them to use any new software they get.

I’m a Musician and Microsoft Systems Technician and I’ve been looking for a Powerful Combination Hardware/Software to make Record Studios easier to the normal users…

I found the “hackingtosh” that let us use Mac OSX Leopard with clone hardware. So I started using this in order to install Pro tools and its hardware. But my goal was to find a Linux solution for the audio edition facts… I found MUSIX GNU/Linux with the old version of Ardour and now I found the new Ardour…

So this is the way to work: Musix and Ardour. But I’m absolutely new with this Linux stuff, so if you have a little time to teach me how to compile Ardour in Musix I’d be really gratefull and will find the way to make you get money for your work.

By the Way… Is there any hardware compatibility issue I should know about, or I can use any Sound Card or Audio Interface I got???

Too many questions… :wink:

But I really want to collaborate with this project since I’m feeding up with Microsoft…

Let me know.



try 64studio, on their forum there is an howto install the last ardour, for the soundcards look at the alsa-project wich is the main sound driver on linux