A real time effects engine

I would like to see a real time effects processing mode, similar to the one in the latest Logic release. I would use it in conjunction with m y fcb 1010 and a sampling program to create live guitar madness. I have tried to find something similar but the alternatives in Linux are pretty poor.

I have tried to set this up with Ardour currently, but can’t seem to link the effect bypass to a midi input (am I doing it wrong?), plus it would run better if this was a dedicated mode, maybe with a clearer display.


Maybe have a look at using jack-rack instead of Ardour. I think it would be more suited to what you want - a virtual effects ‘rack’ instead of a full blown DAW?

jack-rack can run all the LADSPA plugins and works with midi:

You mean, a virtual guitar-amp?

Such a beast can be built using ams plus LADSPA-plugins in Linux. I made up such a patch that I use with quite good results in recordings with bands. It is made up with CAPS-Guitar FX Plugins and has a simple way to store presets.

get it:


You need alsa modular synth and a recent version of Tim Goetzes CAPS-plugins to use it. Tell me, how it works for you.

nostrum fungitur

I have found a new piece of software that seems to be great for this purpose, Rakarrak, well worth checking out!


Yep, that’s a nice one, although effects sound a little over digitalized to my taste, but maybe hooking an amp sim in the chain will help a bit…I think the sounds are taken a bit out from ZynAddSubFx

What is nice about it is you can order your FX chain in it and create your own patches.