A question about the MIDI directories

Which interface or plugin is intended to load the sources in "opt/Ardour-8.2.0/share/media/MIDI Beats or MIDI Chords or MIDI Progressions?

I’m just now starting to get serious about this.

Thank you for your understanding;)

Answer found - edit: You might think that the lack of a GUI is limiting, but we’ve found that MMA’s method gives you maximum flexibility in setting volumes, effects, patterns, etc.

They are not intended for anything in particular.

However, it was the addition of the cue page (“clip launching”) that led to them be added to Ardour, and that’s the most obvious place to start using them.

Ahh, thanks Paul for the answer. I had already thought that the note numbers of some grooves do not correspond to the instrument assignment of the General Midi Standard.

Well, there’s still a bit of manual work to do :wink:

I’m just starting to play with it and discovered a new universe :slight_smile: Yes, really new territory for me. And well implemented in Ardour, I think so far.