A plugin secondary window is shadowed by ardour on linux

i am using Ardour on Linux and MacOs.
A plugin (i made with JUCE) has a secondary window, and on Ardour Linux, this window is shadowed by the main ardour window. On Ardour MacOs, this secondary plugin windows always stays in front as i expect.
Is it a problem from Ardour Linux?

Depends, on your desktop environment (and settings).

KDE is notorious for not following freedesktop.org specs. Ardour offers workaround for this. Notably “All floating windows are dialogs” in Ardour > Preferences > Appearance > Quirks.

PS. Also make sure that Ardour’s main window is not set to “always on top”.

Thanks for your reply. I have xubuntu. “All floating windows are dialogs” does not work , but the xubuntu set " always on top" for this secondary window works indeed, but we have to do this every time.
And thanks a lot for Ardour!

That is odd, and should not be needed. I have not heard of an issue like this either so far.

Does this affect all plugin windows?

Perhaps some Xubuntu user here can confirm that it also affects them and/or offer a workaround.

No, this affects only a secondary window created from the main plugin window. (This is a plugin i wrote using JUCE).

Ah. That is really bad practice. Plugin windows should not have child windows. Apple’s HIG are very specific about this.

Ha, ok. I didn’t know. I have these child windows for useful but optional and resizable pictural informations about the events.

The common solution is to use “popup” screens that draw over the content in the plugin’s window.

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