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Hello all!

I would like to share with you a little something I did for a class exercise. I don’t consider It a finished work but would like to listen to you comments and suggestions. It’s my firs time working with ardour (or digital audio) as I make music more with pen and paper and acustic instruments.

Working with ardour was really exciting, great job to the team! Did a payment this month, I hope to make another one next month.

Good luck to all! :blush:

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Cool exercise, what class are you attending? and also what sound library are you using for strings?



(Federico Gaviria Zambrano) #3

Thank man! It’s called filmscoring. Not officialy part of the Composition Program in my University but it’sometimes offered. I’m using Amadeus Symphonic Orchestra.


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Ok, I was maybe foolishly hoping you were operating some kind of magic on a more ordinary plugin xD

Good work, keep it up ; )

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