A little OT: Ubuntu start jackd at systemstart

Hi everybody,

sure a little OT :slight_smile:

I searched around the net, but I couldn’t find a simple relieable way to start jackd at systemstart.

Best would be to handle jackd as a systemd-service.

Any suggestions ?

Best regards Harry

I usually use the Cadence program, which is going with KXStudio repository.
Cadence > System > [ v ] Auto-start JACK or LADISH at login…

If checkbox is active - when I start ubuntu - jack automatically started.

If you don’t know about KXStudio repository - you can go here:
KXStudio : Repositories and download&install the “kxstudio-repos.deb”. After installation the repository, you can install Cadence through terminal
sudo apt install cadence

I think I’ve made OT of OT :slight_smile: )) in previous post, sorry! At “system start” and “at system login” - are different things (suppose)…

The problem with starting jackd when the system starts is that jackd and the applications using jack run in the same process space, so jackd and all the applications using it have to run under the same user account. Unless this is for some type of headless system running as an audio appliance, you should look at having your desktop environment auto-start jackd when you log in, rather than having it start as a system service.

Yes, that sounds reasonable :slight_smile:

So I’d have to develop a little script and find a way my desktop-environment (xfce) will autostart it.

Somethink like

jack_control start

would do the trick I think ?!

Best regards

According to Arch wiki it is not difficult:
XFCE autostart applications

You will just have to experiment a little to see if “jack_control start” or starting jackd directly or some other method works best for your needs. I think jack_control uses dbus services, I have not typically done that, but using dbus may work better when starting jackd outside of a terminal environment. I do not know what happens to standard output and stderr when you autostart an application in XFCE, so how to view log and error messages may be something else you have to experiment with.

You could also autostart qjackctl with the -s option to start the server immediately, and that would give you graphical log viewing windows, patchbay control, etc.

I did it via login on XFCE.

A start script with jack_control start
and a stop script with jack_control stop
did it.

Thanks to everybody :slight_smile:

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