A little instrumental

Hello! Some MIDI instrumental using Ardour:

Any critique - could be so grateful!

Platform: AV Linux 2017.4.9
Ardour version: 5.11.4


Calf; LSP; Carla (fab bass; Poulin Le456); AVL drums; a-Fluid Synth; Klangfalter

MDA (e-piano Drobilla - I think I understood. Sorry for my words in IRC, it was stupid hassle from my side, must say thanks for your nice plugs!)

hi,good song and sounds,the mix needs to be revised … I do not like the white graphic interface on ardour, but this is a subjective aspect


Thanks, gennargiu for reply! I have no skill in mixing… If it’s not so difficult, could you give any direction such as: “guitar needs other reverb environment (other reverb plugs and files or needs some equalization etc.); master track needs another plugins or to correct existing”. Thanks for your time!

Hi cooltehno,

Great work on the screencast! I really liked the song idea, it has really good mood and atmosphere and you’ve picked great sounds for the individual instruments.

One thing that is easy to miss is what a great job you have done on showing the flexibility of Ardour, both visually with your cool custom theme and especially the flexibility of the plugins, people may not realize at first glance how you are using Windows VST’s, LV2’s and Soundfonts effortlessly in the same Ardour session.

Great work! Thanks for sharing

Hello, GMaq! Thanks!

For today my opinion is that Ardour has the best flexibility in Linux: LV2, LADSPA, lxvst, winvst. For example in LMMS and Bitwig - I didn’t find LV2 support (it has a place through Carla, but without automation, as I know). LMMS is comfortable to make dance music, but can’t do record audio interactively. I tried to sinc LMMS with Ardour, but LMMS has no support for jack synchronization.

A dream of linux-bum waif punk:
If Ardour could have a native linux sampler like ‘shortcircuit’ from vemberaudio, a sample browser like in LMMS and midi loop record possibility - this could drag all the young (and not only) musicians to Linux)) If Zynaddsubfx could have an automation to all controls… Guitar X rack program doesn’t exist as a LV2 plugin (also could be super)… One else thing to it: if Sunvox could become as a LV2 plugin (we could have a block-building linux-analog of NI Reaktor). Linux has so much delicious things around, but they don’t want to be integrated.

But, anyway, today we have a miracle to find something for free and do some creations. I can just download AV Linux, install and work! Super! Thanks GMaq!

ps. Specially to Paul and x42 I wish much more users not like me (freeloader) . Just that some rich man was found to give big money))


‘freeloader’? I don’t think so… I seem to recall some pretty nice themes in Ardour that weren’t there before, money is one way to support Ardour but there are others as well. :wink:

One can also support Ardour by donating “code” like you have with your nice themes, or by reporting bugs. Bug-hunting takes time and it is very helpful if people can find “recipes” for getting a bug to always appear. One can also donate to the community by helping newbies here on the forum :slight_smile:

Thank you very much, friends! I am very pleased to know that my efforts are useful for some people here and I can make a little payment in such way! :slight_smile: