A little help with Lua?

Hi Forum,

Following my other topic regarding the behavior of a-FluidSynth and the reverb switch, I decided to write a little lua script to iterate over my a-FluidSynth plugin instances and switch on/off the reverb switch.

I can iterate over the plugins alright and I’ve identified the Reverb Switch parameter is number 5 (using Plugin:parameter_label)

However, reading the documentation, I can’t figure out how to read or write the status of that parameter :frowning:

Not being familiar with LUA, I don’t understand how LuaTables are supposed to work and I don’t manage to do anything with the nth_parameter function …
I tried to find inspiration in the git repository but haven’t been successful …

Can anyone give me a hint ?

Thanks !!!

Never mind, I figured it out :wink:
I found the ARDOUR:LuaAPI class …