A guy makes metal music with Ardour and Linux

Nice to watch


Thanks for the Link. Very interesting video.

Very good and informative video, thanks.

Calf - plugins are deprecated and soon can’t be used anymore.

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Instead of fader automation I tend to use the ACE amplifier plugin and have an automation lane on it’s gain instead. This way the fader remains available for “static” volume adjustments…


I do the same for single track, fader with vca if I have to move multiple track at the same time.

Great video. Well worth posting. The man is to the point and knowledgeable. German intelligence is really something special. I like when they share their knowledge in English, being a challenged monologuist. Sehr gut.

German? Mika is from Finland, at least that’s what his profile page says…

The video is not made by me. I shared it because I thought it was useful information here. The author of the video is Finnish, yes. And I’m also Finnish myself. Although we don’t know each other and we probably live on completely different sides of the country. Finland is a long country. Finland’s eastern border is about 1300 km long. Behind the western border is the famous country of music, Sweden.

I haven’t made YouTube videos on the subject yet, because I’m focused on running my studio. But I have definitely had a YouTube channel in my thoughts.

Finnish is not even Germanic. I though he said ‘ja’ several times. I got the German vibe. I think German engineering is the best. Lotsa V2 rocket engineers to US (operation paperclip) and USSR for cold war. I like when smart Finnish people share their intelligence in English. I know we don’t get practice in the States, but fluency in a second language is a mark of intelligence. I like the format of the presentation. No what I’m used to seeing.

But Austrian bakery wins hands down. Sachertorte, anyone? :wink:


Sachertorte, Linzer Radln, Mozartkugeln. Oooh yeah! :yum:
Just don’t try to feed me with Salzburger Nockerl. For some reasons … I don’t like those :rofl:

But Austrian bakery wins hands down.

Overrated. Try saxonian “Eierschecke” then speak again!