A good plugin for headset?

Hey there! Not sure if I’m in the good category but I am looking for an alternative of Re-Head (https://www.bluecataudio.com/Products/Product_ReHead/) or Wave NX Virtual Room (https://www.waves.com/plugins/nx#introducing-nx-virtual-mix-room) working with Ardour (on linux of course). I’ve heard this kind of plugin is quite helpfull to improve your mix when you must work with headset.
Thanks for your tips :+1:


You may want to use sonarworks reference, wich is available as a linux plugin now.

If you prefer floss you will have to make an impulsional response of your headset and use then an ir-verb.

This I dont care too much for my mixing as I check/correct them with 2 other headsets and a hifi system since I dont have monitors on my own :wink:

Airwindows also has a nice plugin for this. The plugin is called Monitoring http://www.airwindows.com/?s=monitoring

I tested airwindows monitoring in Ardour 5.12, but the generic gui is not showing the actual “mode” of the plugin.
I just got a slider from 0 to 1, and I can just guess what is going on under the hood
When testing the same plugin in Waveform, I get the same slider but I see the strings instead of values. Is it possible to have the same behavior in Ardour?

Yes, already done for upcoming Ardour6. A recent change: https://tracker.ardour.org/view.php?id=7938

It works with Ardour6 pre1. But saving the preset still not working with airwindows plugins.

According to many pro, the way to go is Sonarworks + Canopener… though they are both rather expensive, and the latter is not even available for Linux. :frowning:

As for alternatives, apart from the mentioned airwindows one there are a few other options (though I’ve never been too much satisfied with any).

Unfortunately, except “bs2b” these are all VSTs for windows. No Linux native versions are available. Though they are all working well also under Linux with wine (via LinVST).

P.S.: if you happen to know other valid alternatives, possibly for Linux, please let me know… :hugs:

I’ve been playing with the compensation filters from https://github.com/ShanonPearce/ASH-IR-Dataset/wiki/Headphone-Compensation-Filters, applying them using the open-source LSP Impulse Response Stereo lv2 plugin.

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