a-fluidsynth in AV Linux

Hi all,
I’m currently using AVL 2016.8 and am running into a spot of trouble trying to figure out a-fluidsynth in Ardour 5.12. I’m using a-fluidsynth as an LV2 plugin within Ardour. I’m not terribly familiar with this so please excuse my noob-ish question… I have a library of SFZ soundfonts that I’m trying to load into a-fluidsynth. I’m able to load one successfully, but I’m not getting any sound when I press keys on my midi controller. There’s probably some little thing that I’m not doing but I haven’t been able to find it.

Any help would be appreciated. thank you!

a-fluidsynth supports .sf2 (soundfonts). sfz is not supported.

Ah there we go. I knew it was something silly like that… Thanks for the guidance @x42!