A few questions about the current features available.

Most importantly, I wanted to know if MIDI recording and editing had been enabled. Also, it looks like VST support has been enabled, but does Ardour load VST’s directly or is some form of third party program needed to load VST’s?

Lastly, is there a bounce to audio function available, is there an OMF export option and is there a manual available?

Thank you.

MIDI recording and playback is operational in the MIDI branch, but not in any of the beta releases of 2.0. it will be merged after 2.0 is released. MIDI editing will grow after that.

VST support exists. It requires Wine, and the Steinberg VST SDK which is not redistributable. You must build Ardour from source code yourself if you want to use VST. iLok-protected plugins will not work. Many others will, depending on the extent to which they abuse the VST and Windows programming specifications.

Bounce track and export are all 100% functional. OMF export does not exist (OMF cannot be licensed by open source applications, and most apps that support it have reverse engineered it). We are working on AAF support at the moment.

All existing manual information is up there on the right hand side, hidden behind the “Manual” link. Its very incomplete.