A few more miles by Take 6

My first a-cappella recording. I hope you enjoy!


Very nice, captures that Take 6 style of close mic vocal harmony really well.

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Very nice work. I hope Ardour met your needs comfortably for this. As Chris said, really captures Take 6’s style. Do you have plans to do more?

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@ccaudle Thank you!

@paul This was just a spontaneous project of a friend and me, because we are big Take 6 fans. I don’t think a another song will come soon, because 1. it was very time consuming and I have less time now and 2. these Take 6 songs are damn high to sing in soprano. The “a few more miles” is one of the few, where I as a bass with my head voice ranged. Maybe a woman could sing the soprano. I just don’t know if the sound would be different…
Yes I had great pleasure to work on this project with Ardour (linux). Worked flawlessly! You are doing a great job Paul! Many, many thanks!