A few ideas for Ardour's UI

Hi, there,

I’ve been playing with Ardour for a couple months already and I’d like you guys to have a look at some suggestions that I have for the gui. I have no idea of how hard it is to implement it (hopefully not much), but I think that these changes, even if subtle, made the interface feel a bit easier to read. Here are the original screenshot that I used as reference and the other one with my suggestions:

And a list of the things I’ve changed:

  1. Deleted a thin frame around the plugins rack;
  2. Deleted a thin frame around the toolbar;
  3. Adjusted text’s vertical alignment in the sprung bar;
  4. Adjusted text’s vertical alignment in the timecode and bars:beats lines;
  5. Deleted borders on tempo, punch in/out and location markers;
  6. Put a frame around the track “headers”;
  7. Same color on the empty space at the bottom left of the screen after the last track;
  8. Shadows around the track headers.

Would love some feedback on this, Ardour is an awesome project and it would be great for me to be able to help somehow.


If anyone wants to see how this is going:

Seemingly subtle, but very nice. Make a big difference.

+1 Agreed

Feature requests/suggestions go into the bug tracker. If you leave them here, they will generally end up being forgotten about.

I like most of these tweaks, however.