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thank a lot for your amazing job… it’s a marvellous software and I use it for many many time now ( until version 2 ).

Just a thing that would be very great for the future version : a fade edit box, like Pyramix, which allow you to edit your fade and slide all the content after this fade if you slide it to make a better mount point. I don’t know if i am very clear… It’s a wonderfull tools in Pyramix, you can optimize your mount point without select all the content after the point, it’s automatically made, and i must say that in my opinion it’s the only thing that Pyramix can make that Ardour don’t and in my mouth, it’s a very high compliment !

so… for a future upgrade ?

thank’s a lot.


Thanks for your suggestion.

However, we do not scan or review the forums for feature requests, so if you want this to have any chance of receiving attention, it should be filed at tracker.ardour.org, preferably witha lot more detail and preferably screenshots.

Hi Julien,

In some DAWs, a “crossfade” is a special property that occurs between 2 adjacent regions. You can choose the start and end of the crossfade, as well as the “shape” of it. Sometimes you can even adjust the curve into weird shapes.

In Ardour (and Mixbus), regions are allowed to be “layered” like you might find in a drawing program. We allow 2 or more regions to be stacked atop each other. And each region has its own start and end fade.

Here’s a video that describes the operation:

This prevents us from (and mostly eliminates the need for) a dedicated “crossfade” box.

I think you’ll find that this method of crossfades is very, very cool. Because the fades are a property of each region, rather than between 2 regions, you can trim, move, replace, or even delete the region underneath it, and the topmost region’s fade stays in place, unlike a traditional DAW crossfade.
Try it, you’ll love it!!!


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