A-EQ better GUI

Hi I am 2 years user of ardour and I am really excited about this project. This days I am using A-EQ plug in. It is a desent plug in for me but the feature that I would like to see is when I play the song to see what Frequency do I hear. I have seen this in ableton and I think it would be make the process more user friendly.What do you think? Do you know any plug in that can do that? If no do you know where should I look to contribute to ardour?

Thank you in advance.

There are various LV2 plugins that offer a spectrum display. eg. https://x42-plugins.com/x42/x42-eq features both a spectrogram as well as spectrum analyzer. It comes with x42-plugins on many GNU/Linux distros. There is also http://eq10q.sourceforge.net/ bundled as eq10q package on most distros.

a-EQ does indirectly feature a display of the live-signal in the “plugin analysis” tab. That can show the live signal. but the whole a-EQ plugin-gui is still only an experiment. a-* plugins don’t currently have a custom UI, mainly because there is no proper plugin toolkit.


Thank you.I will look them