A double bass plugin? What about drums?

I hope I’m in the right forum with this question. I’m running Ubuntu 13.04 and am exploring Ardour right now. I have previous experience in Cubase and there is a VST plugin from Vienna Symphonic Library that I used quite a bit, namely the sampled double bass (solo). Is there something similar for Ardour? I’m trying to google and read about plugin instruments I can use in Linux, but I’m not finding any sampled double bass sounds.
Can anybody recommend a good (acoustic) drum sound / plugin that can be used with Ardour. I understand that Hydrogen can be used with Ardour, but I cannot figure out how to make the two work together.

I’m not necessarily looking for free plugins. Any help is appreciated.

I suggest Dan Dean gig bass samples, for use with LinuxSampler or Carla. And there is a free Salamander Drumkit SFZ file

+1 for using soundfont files for your double bass instrument. I’ve been trying out these recently, and I’m pretty sure there are some double basses in there: http://www.newgrounds.com/bbs/topic/1200140

You can use the Calf fluidsynth plugin to play soundfont instruments. If you have trouble with sfark files: https://blogs.fsfe.org/samtuke/?p=589

@samtuke Thanks! I’ll go try them out!



Great link on the SF2 files, thanks! I find the sfarkXTM utility is still pretty hit and miss though and it doesn’t even properly extract some of the Soundfonts in the collections you linked. As a fallback the old original Windows sfark utility seems to run well in Wine for anyone having trouble getting these extracted.