a-Delay dotted eighth note

The dotted eighth note is a staple of classic rock. Would be nice to have it added to the list of options inside a-Delay.

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I don’t think this is possible without major rework. The a-delay currently uses integer-divisions.

i.e. how many notes of a given type are in a bar:
/1 for whole note
/2 for half note
/4 for quarter note
/6 for quarter-note triplet
/8 for eights note

For a dotted 8th that would 5.333 (16/3).

Furthermore, the plugin has no absolute position context. It only uses the current tempo, so a “swing” option isn’t feasible either.

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Ok thanks. Bummer.

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That’s why there’s a like button, I suppose :thinking:

Anyway, I’m still pondering how that would even work to use dotted 8th as echo time. For the rock-music case, this is rather like a “hard swing”: dotted 8th, 16th rest.

You can’t get a full bar using only dotted 8ths and come out even.

Try Calf tools Vintage Delay, synced to ardour, without tape mode on. Super flexible delay timings and subdivisions with that.

It could be nice to see a-delay with an independent left and right channel. There are people who only use what is built into Ardour

Tricky. Changing the a-Delay plugin to have separate delays per channel would break existing sessions. So at the very least it would have to become a new plugin.

a-Delay is just a basic version of ZamDelay that is shipped with Ardour, and in any case you’re probably better off using some fully fledged delay plugin.

Ok. I used one stereo audio bus with 2 a-delays on the left and right channel

PS. Perhaps try Harrison’s “3D Tripple Delay” LV2 plugin (a demo version comes with Ardour binaries, and the only limitation is the custom GUI)

If you like it and don’t mind commercial plugins… I suspect there’ll be a Black Friday sale starting in 3…2… :rocket:


Thanks. I bought Mixbus and Mixbus 32C 5.2 all Harison LV2 plugins Ava eq. I hope next version will be with pianoroll lollypop and more stable. Temporay I am on Cubase pro. I hate dongle. One day I will replace it with Ardour and Mixbus

On that page can I mentally substitute " Requires: Mixbus or Mixbus32C" with " Requires: Mixbus or Mixbus32C or Ardour"? There is nothing in any of those plugins which depends on Mixbus specific behavior is there?

They’re LV2 plugins and also work in Ardour, Carla, and other LV2 hosts (qtractor, jalv,… [1]).
Requires Mixbus”, is Harrion’s way of saying be aware that they “won’t work in Reaper, Cubase, Studio One, …”

[1] The GUIs require http://lv2plug.in/ns/extensions/ui/ui.html#PortNotification – Some LV2 hosts do not properly support this (!)
When you move a knob in any of the XT-* plugins the plugin-GUI does not update itself. The plugin-host (Ardour, Mixbus) needs to confirm the change (e.g. if the control is automated the GUI will ignore the user-request and instead follow automation).

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