a-Delay dotted eighth note

The dotted eighth note is a staple of classic rock. Would be nice to have it added to the list of options inside a-Delay.

I don’t think this is possible without major rework. The a-delay currently uses integer-divisions.

i.e. how many notes of a given type are in a bar:
/1 for whole note
/2 for half note
/4 for quarter note
/6 for quarter-note triplet
/8 for eights note

For a dotted 8th that would 5.333 (16/3).

Furthermore, the plugin has no absolute position context. It only uses the current tempo, so a “swing” option isn’t feasible either.

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Ok thanks. Bummer.

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That’s why there’s a like button, I suppose :thinking:

Anyway, I’m still pondering how that would even work to use dotted 8th as echo time. For the rock-music case, this is rather like a “hard swing”: dotted 8th, 16th rest.

You can’t get a full bar using only dotted 8ths and come out even.