A dedicated plugin window for multi-selection of controls

Some plugins have hundreds of automations, and it is very difficult to find a particular one when the controls are not sorted alphabetically, so I’m thinking why not have something of an optional pop-up window to address this?

Example, under the label plugin ‘Hive’, there can be ‘Hive[+]’ to indicate the user they have the option to open a separate window and do multiple selections, search by name, and sort the name alphabetically. In the window, the user can see if there are any Midi-learn bindings.

The state of the art for this, is only being able to select one automation at a time and requiring to re-navigate back to the spring-list after each selection. This is time consuming even for one selection, so I don’t see why an alternative cannot be added as an optional window. Users will not lose functionality, and instead be given the choice whether they would want to use this separate window or just keep using the same spring-list as they are used to.

The envisaged solution is to not use the dropdown at all, but to just put all into “touch” and record automation as needed using the plugin’s own UI (or some ctrl surface). Later show lanes with “Existing Automation”.

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