A couple of Mackie questions

I have 3 questions regarding the Mackie digital X-bus console and Ardour.
hope someone can help.

  1. Has anyone used or is using the Mackie Digital X-bus alongside Ardour, as i know that Ardour makes use of Mackie control but does it work with the X-bus?

  2. Connectivity. The X-bus has a firewire interface available as an extra card, that can transfer data between a DAW and the X-bus, I’ve noticed on the ffado site and there does appear top be drivers available for this on Linux so i would assume it should work within Ardour, is there anybody that can confirm this?

  3. Are the ffado drivers capable of allowing more than one of the same Firewire card to be run simultaneously, as if the firewire option works from the X-bus to Ardour then i would be looking at using 3 cards for a total of 24 ins and outs.

The Mackie dxb 200/400 consoles are supported by the freebob drivers:

These are to be replaced by ffado at some point, which the devs would rather most people NOT use until it’s ready for release–unless you want to help them debug!

I have no experience with the consoles, so I don’t know how they integrate with Ardour. I’d love to find out though. Does the dxb require multiple firewire option cards in order to make use of all of its inputs?


Hi Roger,

When i wrote it i actually meant the freebob driver, been spending too much time at the ffado site, LOL.

Yes the DXB does require multiple firewire cards to make use of all the channels on the desk as each card comes with 2 firewire sockets giving a total of Up to 24 input and outputs at 44.1kHz / 48kHz or 8 ins and outs at 96kHz, so depending on the sample rate you use i guess, as Mackie say that you can have as many firewire cards as there is spare slots on the desk, not sure how that would translate going into your computer though would need some seriously dedicated firewire setup to take the bandwidth.

It’s also a case of finding out how good the freebob drivers are, and whether they allow more than one card to be used at the same time without problems.

From what Iv’e read so far, connecting it to Ardour should be OK but don’t know anyone that has tried.

Sounds like a crap shoot…you could be the first to try! :slight_smile: