A-Compressor doesn't work... how to fix?

I just noticed that A-Compressor doesn’t show me any frequency movement when I hit any key on my midi / or have something recorded already on that track. Also any parameter (ratio, attack, release, threshold…) doesn’t do anything. Except if I click on Side-chain button then the frequency starts to move (visually) when I press on my midi, but even then…it doesn’t modify the actual sound. This isn’t a problem with the other plugins. (like for example A-Expander works just fine)
Maybe it’s something to do with the Pin section (inputs/outputs) I really don’t know…

Any suggestions?

This sounds like you have the input pinned to the sidechain instead of the input, can you take a screenshot of the pin connections window for it?


Sorry for not replying on time.
Here are some screenshots of the plugin:

mixer <- When I press on the Midi this red line isn’t moving.

Here are the inputs ( I even try to right-click and reset here…but nothing)

And here you can see I changed the controls but nothing moved in the right side.

I have input on that channel from the midi and it works just fine with other plugins. But for some reason…I can not use this one… :\


Because I have Ardour 5 also ( and Ardour 6 compiled in usr/local ) I copy the plugin from Ardour 6 and replace it with the other one from Ardour 5 in usr/lib/lv2 folder. And now it’s working :smiley:

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