A cappella arrangement of Umbrella

This was meant to be a three part backing vocals arrangement for a soloist but I got carried away. There’s around 25 vocal parts on here - some doubled and so on - maybe around 12 unique parts.


Very impressive! Such precise tuning!!

Thanks very much. For the descending chromatic bass line bit I did record it on the piano so that I could listen to it whilst singing it in because I found I was drifting a little sharp - I’m not much of a bass and I find it tricky down there - but apart from that it was all just by ear.

Nice one :slight_smile: I’d love to do some a cappella stuff with ardour as well. Any hints on processing?

Outstanding! :+1: (plus some characters to make it 20+)

Thanks Robert.

Snuffles - I can’t really remember it was pretty limited a bit of eq cut around 3000 and a bit of boost about maybe 7000 I think. Dragonfly reverb. Light compression on most things. There’s some automated panning movement on the drips and I sidechained the more sustained parts to the beatboxing to let that through a bit more. I think I used the calf harmonic exciters too on one or two parts mainly the lower voices.

Yeah… Sounds great! My favorite a-cappella group is Take 6. Maybe you know just… But go ahead man. You do it great!

I had also one group. It was a long time ago…