A black metal instrumental, an attempt to capture in music the beauty of the winter

Recorded in Ardour5, the are programmed in hydrogen. I used ardour midi for the bass, using the calf fluidfynth lv2 plugin and the calf bass enhancer. The mastering is done in jamin.

Please do check it out.


The link :

I apologise about the typos : The drums* are programmed in hydrogen, the bass using the calf fluidsynth* lv2 plugin.

Heard it just now, haha! Just what I needed on a moody day :slight_smile: Fantastic work! If you’re still around, what drumkit did you use?

I used the deathmetaldrumkit in hydrogen.

Thanks for listening, I am glad you enjoyed it.

I wanna know why he’s privileged enough to get to use Ardour5, when we are all slugging along with Ardour3?

I am sorry about that. I should have seen the typo, I feel like a moron. But its nice, the way you put it, its funny.

Anirban, I am sorry I forgot the smiley. It was meant as a joke. I’m glad you got the humour.

I’m actually working on a LV2 drum plugin to fill the gap when composing metal drums on linux.
Its implemented as a LV2 instrument and works with Ardour3 midi tracks.
Its still in very early beta, but I have already used it myself for various composing projects.
Check it out at http://www.drumgizmo.org if you are interested.


I will definitely try it out. Thanks for the information.

@anirban.metal: Great.
I still don’t have a good way of getting user feedback, so for now you can just send me an email if you have questions/suggestions: deva@aasimon.org - this goes for everyone else with interest in the plugin as well :wink: